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Stack Interactive was started in 2018 by Jaz and Stephen after the success of their game during a game jam.


Jaz has been interested in games since a very young age. This passion for gaming followed Jaz throughout his teenage years leading to him joining the game development society while at college. He quickly realised his passion for making games and knew it was a passion he wanted to persue. Jaz started studying game development in 2016 and has been participating in game jams since then. Each game jam drives Jaz further and resulted in both him and Steve developing Dog In A Box during one of these game jams. Soon after this, Stack Interactive was born.


Stephen started off developing modifications for the game Minecraft in 2013. Since then he has developed his skills through continuing development on these modifications as well as studying computing, this has continued into studying computer games development at university. This has led to him undertaking multiple games projects within the Unity Engine, eventually developing Dog in A Box alongside Jaz.


Seb has a strong background in gaming, growing up in a family with interests in the industry and deciding from a young age that this would be the career for him. He started learning the trade at college in 2011 before meeting Jaz and Stephen when they all joined the Indie games course at Solent. Seb has a strong focus on art and design and is extremely suited to working with Jaz and Stephen as part of Stack Interactive.

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Dog In A Box

In Dog In A Box you can make your very own dogs to your own specifications. Ever wanted a toy dog with two heads and six legs but couldn't find one? Well now you can have exactly that in Dog In A Box! Play multiple different modes including Story, Arcade and Multiplayer.

VR Party Pack

VR Party Pack brings living room family fun to virtual reality. Play a classic game of hangman, or try and describe a object using only certain words. Every game supports four players, each connecting using our app, so grab yourself and three of your favourite (or not so) friends or family and have fun!